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Jacmuse and 'Twister' 2015


Author Jacmuse wrote music education texts during a 30 year span of study and performing, research and writing, based on the historical evolutions of how we've tuned up our pitches. And this writing, in conjuction with a earlier focused study of Bach and an ongoing study of Coltrane, and the Americana blues in between, combine to become the philosophy of his work.

For Jacmuse the writer, this modern 'e' edition is a dream come true, for they created an opportunity to write a music educational text that asks the reader what they desire to know that will advance their own art. And by hearing the music associated with the vocabulary of musical terms, fine tune their own pathway to understanding more of the music they love, to listen to, create, perform and share, simply through their own curiosities and the magic of hyper linked text.

Ready to ask yourself ... 'so what do I want to know about music, my music ... ?

That the words we each use to answer become the keywords, that in this 'e' book so written, link up together to create intuitive pathways to explore all through the nuts and bolts of any old same old same old standard music curriculum.

It's exploring what happens along the way, the process of, and new discovery, that perks anew our own curiosity, that gets us onto a lifelong pathway of discovery learning of all musics.

For example, pick one of these common music keywords and click on it, begin reading, then explore the links that come along, as your own curiosity guides your journey.

These keywords are from here linked to various beginning spots of the incomplete, non-audio editions of my books, posted for free worldwide on the web.

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